Sports & Exercise Medicine involves the medical care of injury and wellness in sport, for elite, recreational and all age group sports participants. Sports & Exercise Medicine Center at Naturo, follows evidence-based practices to reduce risk factors and improve wellness. Sports & Exercise Medicine programs provide a full range of services to help athletes return to form, return to full health, and then return to the game. Our team of professionals works to develop an individualized care plan for each athlete/client

Exercise has a profound effect on many systems in the body. This can be utilized in health promotion. It can also be used as a treatment for many chronic diseases and is often more effective than medication in the treatment of these conditions. We are therefore very keen to encourage our clients for fitness training in a safe and effective way to improve their wellbeing and to reduce their medical/ medication requirements


At Naturo’s Sports & Exercise Medicine centre, we care for and treat athletes and active individuals participating in all levels of sports from school-aged children, to the weekend warrior, to the professional level. With a team of degree and certified fitness professionals, we offer an integrated approach to your goals in physical fitness. Our Network of medical professionals, work to ensure that your exercise prescription ties in seamlessly with the care directed by your health care professional

Sports Medicine Services

  1. Sports injuries – Physical diagnosis
  2. Treatment & Rehabilitation of sports injuries (non surgical Management)
  3. Athletic Taping
  4. Sports specific fitness training
  5. Sports injury prevention training
  6. Athletic screening, training and conditioning
  7. Sports injury risk assessment
  8. Sports fitness – Return to sports
  9. Sports Nutrition
  10. Sports health – Awareness
  11. Posture / Biomechanical screening & correction

Exercise/ Fitness training Services

  1. Strength, Cardio & Functional fitness training
  2. Fitness & Fun activity – kids ( Junior fitness training)
  3. Obesity/ weight reduction
  4. Fitness program for aged ( Geriatric fitness)
  5. Pregnancy – Exercise/ fitness program
  6. Women specific fitness program
  7. Balance training – falls prevention
  8. Personal training
  9. Group fitness training