Naturo Wellness  is a leading wellness center of drugless therapy and specialised in Naturopathy and Yoga. Naturo Wellness Center is the place where lifestyle modification and living in a pollution free area is taught and to promote the bodily functions in an individual and also to strengthen , preserve the vital energy in the body. Naturo Wellness plays the role of a facilitator in helping the body find its natural pace using the age old methods to restore balance of energy.

Naturo Wellness is not merely a health center that treats and cures specific diseases, but it helps you learn a new way of life, enhancing the quality of your total health comprising physical, mental and social aspects. Most of the problems which people face today are due to stress and hectic schedules meeting deadlines day in and day out. In times like this it is not easy to unwind and let the body heal naturally. Lack of time and lack of mind space result in over exertion that surface as health problems.

Naturopathy is a scientific and holistic system of man building in harmony with constructive principles of nature and stimulating the body’s inherent power to regain health and treating disease with the help of five great elements of nature called ‘PANCHAMAHABHOOTAS’.

Naturopathy aims at preventive, promotive and curative aspects. Prevent and cure diseases by removing their root cause, promote and preserve the ideal of positive health.

To encourage people to get into life-style correction by educating them about how to take care of their own body and to prevent diseases without the help of any external agency and achieve their best possible health ambition for a disease-free , high quality life .

The general timings of the center is 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Our center provides an exclusive ladies timing from morning 10:00 am to evening 5:00 pm.

Come and experience the natural effects of the available sources in the environment under one roof i.e SHUBHAM NATURO WELLNESS CENTER.


Our vision is to promote natural health across the globe by adapting Nature Cure way of life which is holistic, and which helps people learn how to activate their innate ability to fight diseases so that people do not suffer from preventable diseases and which , being drug less, heals without side effect.


Our mission is to continue to provide high quality , effective , Nature Cure treatment which is preventive, educative and curative, to the suffering humanity, to be world’s leading health care provider in the field of natural healing by promoting a healthy life style among citizens through practicing a drugless regimen comprising Naturopathy , Yoga , Diet , Physiotherapy Acupuncture, and Sports medicine.